Palawan Day 2 Part 2: Finding Lio

Pardon the title. It’s the first thing I could think of to start this post. I bet that’s been used a lot of times, too. Well, here’s the second part of my story about our second day in Palawan. Continue reading Palawan Day 2 Part 2: Finding Lio

The Lime-Stained Wall

Originally posted on Ramble Nut:
Busy, busy, hate to studyDroopy-droop, I’m too lazy Reading, reading, mind is bleedingA white wall staring, silence screaming Learning, learning, eyes adoringCan’t see the roadA sunny morning, I’m yearning Read a travel, seen a poemToo many tickets, this bus that roams Rhyme! Rhyme! Screams the limeWhy a lime? We’re out of time! A one-way ticket to a distant starThe bus still roams! How far we are? Right, right! They yell, “Just write!”This poem holds meaning, to hell it might! Tossed a stone, I asked, “How far?”The lime, it yells…“To hell with that! Yarr!” Where to?… Continue reading The Lime-Stained Wall