Welcoming September with Multiple Celebrations

I welcomed the first “Ber” month with three different occassions- Two birthdays, and my fourth year anniversary with my girlfriend. Both of us have just been working for the past few weeks so it was nice to get a bit of our social life back and a little time for the two of us as well.

“Reconciling” with the Gang

Source: Instagram @rnnsrtz

I was aware that my friends were sulking because I suddenly stopped communicating after having a little fight with my girlfriend, which resulted to the cancellation of a bowling session that we had planned. This time, I made sure to attend to my friend, Don’s birthday last Friday, August 31st, which I also missed on the previous year after, uh.. again, having a little fight with my girlfriend.

(Action plan starting next year, do not get in a fight with my girlfriend when my best friend’s birthday is near.)

Anyway, I’m just glad that we were able to make it this time and finally get to talk with our friends again. I surely missed them. ๐Ÿ˜ As usual, he prepared a lot of great food and drinks. We met with his girlfriend, Cherrie at the mall and then we all went together to this house.

When we arrived, we went to the rooftop where he and his friends and colleagues were playing poker. I thought there was gonna be some loud music and party lights and screaming and dancing going on, but I guess that was already gone in our “young and dumb” days. A dinner party with lots of great food and beers and poker games is our thing now. We’ve gone high-class. ๐Ÿ˜ We left just a bit past midnight but they finished their party around past 5:00 AM. Damn, when did I last stay up that late?

The next day, September 1st, my mom started playing Christmas songs on our old CD player. (Haha.) I think it’s become a growing tradition in our country. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t like this in the past and I don’t really know when it became official, but as soon as the first day of the very first “Ber” month arrives, it’s considered as the start of the Christmas season in the Philippines and you have no right to hate on anybody who would suddenly start playing a Christmas song on this day.

Source: Facebook

Another Birthday Party

We attended another birthday party around the afternoon. This time, it was a children’s party for our former colleague’s now three-year old son. It was in Manila, very near from our previous home before we moved to Bulacan.

We took a taxi from TriNoma Mall and, man, the driver really made me lose all hopes for humanity, or at least all taxi drivers. Right after we got in, the driver asked us for a fixed rate instead of running the meter, saying he’s about done for the day and was already headed for the garage. Bad vibes right off the bat. He just tried to make it sound like a joke after realizing that we weren’t buying his crap.

The party had just started when we arrived. There were a couple of games, of course. My son is still not used to loud noises. He cried as the game started and the people started cheering, laughing, and screaming. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for him to stop and then the food arrived, and he ate a lot! (So did I.)

And of course, we didn’t miss the obligatory picture taking at the photo booth.

Thanks for the party, baby Timothy! Wishing for more blessings to come. ๐Ÿ˜Š

After this, we went to my grandmother’s house, where I grew up, and paid her a visit. We stayed there for a few minutes and had a little chat with my aunt and cousins.

The Anniversary

Of course, there has to be something for our anniversary, right? We just prioritized our friends’ birthday parties because they’re just THAT important. ๐Ÿ˜

Today, September 3rd, I and my girlfriend celebrated our anniversary at our favorite ramen place, Ramen Nagi. I gotta tell you, after the first time I experienced their ramen, I no longer want to eat ramen anywhere else even if it’s cheaper. It gave me the understanding that if you wanna experience an authentic ramen, you got to understand that it’d be a bit costly and that’s because it would be totally worth the price. We once tried a very cheap ramen at a food park, and there was nothing but regret on our faces after eating it.

We don’t eat in Ramen Nagi often because.. yeah, it’s costly. Also, they serve it in a large bowl. I mean, not like Man v. Food large, but larger than a normal serving. It always makes me feel like I wanna wait around three months before I eat ramen again. We also make the most of it by adding along some side dishes, though we make sure there’s not too many. This time, we tried the Ebi Tempura Maki, and it tastes really good! I ate it along with my favorite Red King Ramen. 

We wish for more celebrations like this to come.

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