A New Mall In Town | Vista Mall Opens in Malolos

As the city of Malolos, Bulacan continues to develop, different shopping malls are currently in the works that will give more options for people to shop, dine, watch movies, or just hang out to escape from the hot weather.

Vista Mall is a subsidiary of Vista Land, currently the leading homebuilder in the Philippines real estate industry, and is now one of the growing major shopping mall retailers in the country.

It’s not fully complete yet, though. For now, the mall just opened its flagship stores such as the AllHome, All Day Supermarket, Coffee Project, and Bake My Day. So, it’s kind of a soft opening to show what’s in it for its customers.

I don’t exactly know what they had planned, but even their security guard during the first day of opening was surprised when people came over, only to find out it was closed again. Apparently, it was just for the blessing and inauguration event, and only the first 200 customers were welcomed. The mall resumed its operations the next day.

The All Day Supermarket boasts its display of fresh fruits and vegetables, designed in a way that they put out a bright and colorful interior and has a bit of a farm vibe. And these are not just for show, the supermarket guarantees their produce is always fresh AND organic.

Inside the supermarket, you’ll find Gastroville, where you can enjoy a variety of delicacies from different countries.

Gastroville has a different way of serving food to its customers. First, you’ll pick a food and just tell the vendors, then, they’ll give you a laminated bar code(they have multiple copies), which you’ll present to the cashier to scan and pay. After paying, they’ll give you the receipt which you will then show the vendors so they can give you your order.

The best way to do this is to go around, pick all the food you like, collect the bar codes, and just pay for them altogether at the cashier. Show the receipt to your vendor and make sure to take it back to use for your other orders.

Another distinctive feature of Gastroville is the Paluto section, where you’re free to pick among their fresh meat, seafood, and vegetables, and have them cook it for you.

Paluto: Root word- “luto”, which means “cook”. “Paluto” is a word you say if you’re asking someone a favor to cook for you.
People are enjoying their freshly cooked meals inside the grocery store.

So far, Vista Mall Malolos is limited to these features. There’s a huge section of the building, or what actually seems to be the other half of it, that is still in the works to give its residents a global mall experience.

It’s exciting to see what else they have in store for their customers. After doing a bit of research on other Vista Mall branches, it seems that this mall loves getting in touch with nature as they decorate their floors with greens. We can all probably expect to see that in this branch in the future.

For now, you can hang out at Coffee Project and relax with its garden-like interior.

Similar to most cafĂ©s, Coffee Project also offers a wide variety of food such as cakes, pasta, sandwich, and more. The shop is extremely unique with its flowers and trees decoration, giving you that home garden vibe you’ve always dreamed to have in your backyard.

I love banana bread, and I just gotta say, Coffee Project’s Banana Chocolate Loaf is an absolute win! They’ve got those big chunks of chocolates that they, uh.. don’t have in Starbucks.

What would you like to see in Vista Mall, Malolos Branch once it’s fully opened? Or what can you share about your experience with the other branches? Excite us more in the comments! 🙂

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