BGC Staycation | Exploring The Italian-Inspired Venice Piazza

Alright, take two. Since our previous staycation plan got cancelled after our rented unit turned out to be a scam(but they failed to take our money), my girlfriend decided that we weren’t just gonna let it go like that. The next morning, we started searching again for another place.

It was almost a last minute decision, but we managed to rent a unit at Forbeswood Heights, BGC.

The unit was just okay, I think just enough for the cheapest price that we could find after hours of searching online. It was a weekend so the rates were higher. We got the place for around P1,600(about $30).

The TV had plenty of channels available because the owner was using a different digibox(converter box) than the famous but biased brand that most places have. The unit is comfy enough for a vacation. It includes a fridge, thermos, electric stove, plates and mugs, spoons and forks, and the water heater in the shower works. So, yeah, I can live with that.

Me: How’s the place, buddy?
Him: Meh, no “Yey TV” channel.
View from the window. (No balcony)

Not wasting time, we went out to take a stroll. I don’t know if it was because of the storm leaving with its tail end waving goodbye, but it was very windy the whole time we stayed here. I mean, VERY windy.

Can’t describe how strong the wind was, but how’s this?

Venice Grand Canal Mall

Probably the main attraction in McKinley Hill is the Venice Grand Canal Mall, also known as Venice Piazza. It’s an Italian-inspired mall in McKinley Hill Town Center, designed for the third-world country people who can’t afford to go to the original place, and I’m happy about it.

The colorful buildings surrounding the man-made Grand Canal surely are an eye candy. It was a long weekend and the place was too crowded. People were taking pictures everywhere, posing in every space they could fit themselves in just to get the perfect shot of the beautiful Italian replica.

The inside is also decorated with fancy colors and designs. The mall is filled with expensive stores and restaurants that we couldn’t afford. There are still some local ones, though, so don’t worry.

For sure, we could afford Kidzoona, an indoor “edutainment” playground, so we let our son have some fun for an hour.

Just straight up took the backseat and had a stranger give him a ride. Sorry for the trouble, big sis. šŸ˜…

Venice Piazza was quite a sight and a fun experience. I enjoyed looking at the lively colors of buildings, seeing the Grand Canal and the gondolas. I wanted to see the “Love Lock Bridge”, but people were already flocking over it as if they’ve never been to a bridge before.

Anyway, I’d love to come back here some other time, definitely on a weekday so it’s not too crowded.

Venice Grand Canal Mall
Upper Mckinley Road, Mckinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

Back to BGC

It was just around 6 or 7 PM when we left McKinley Hill and took a taxi back to BGC. Too early to to call it a day, and we haven’t had dinner yet because my girlfriend wanted to try Mendokoro Ramenba which, according to her, is a very popular ramen restaurant. I wonder why I haven’t heard of it before, but I agreed to go.

Indeed, the restaurant is very famous. From the outside, you could see a long line of people waiting to order, and the others are just sitting and waiting for vacant tables. I was already hungry and didn’t have any patience to wait. We had to pass, unfortunately.

I forgot to take a photo because we were in a hurry to go to another popular food place to try- Shake Shack. It was the burger place I was talking about on my previous visit, which I forgot the name at the time.

Well, as I mentioned, this place is also popular, and it’s the only Shake Shack in the country. There was a long line inside, too, and no vacant tables in sight. I would’ve waited patiently since it’s burger we’re talking about, but no.

We went to Brothers Burger instead. After all, they’re all the same burgers. And Brothers Burger’s Blues Brothers burger more than satisfied my palate. I wanna know what they put in their bacon, the taste was gratifying.

I’ll be coming back for Mendokoro Ramenba and Shake Shack in the future.

The Night Ain’t Over Yet

After dinner, we went back to our unit. It was probably around 9 PM. We thought it was time for bed, but my son didn’t look like he’ll be hitting the sack soon so we went out again and played a little.

I just love these moments right here. It’s like we have the whole city for ourselves. It’s late at night and we’re having fun at the plaza, walking on a bright little alleyway with no worries, exploring the peaceful roads, and myself just adoring the beautiful city lights and cityscapes.

I’ll save the next morning’s story for my next post. It’s not that long, but already too much to add to this post. Thanks for reading. šŸ™‚

UPDATE: Read the rest of the story here.

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