BGC Day 2: Empty Streets, Cityscapes, Arts, A Dreamy Thought

A Quietude of a City

What a peaceful morning. It was around 8 AM and still very windy. The sun had showed up but only for a few minutes. Anyhow, we managed to go out and have our morning stroll.

It was a totally different scenario from what I’ve seen from my previous visits. I’ve visited this place multiple times, but this is the first time I’ve seen its roads almost empty. I only hear the sound of a few vehicles passing from time to time, and see a few morning runners. Ah, what a life these people have.

Bonifacio High Street

I know, I know. How many times have I been here? There are many other streets to explore here in BGC, but I don’t get tired of walking around High Street. Walking around it with its empty plaza is also a new experience. It’s not everyday you could have the whole street for yourself even just for a few minutes. Some might find it boring, but to me, it’s quite peaceful and relaxing.

Part of the attractions here are the cats. Their population is controlled under the Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) program. I don’t have much to share about the program, I just read it on a sign on the grass.

The sign also advises people not to feed the cats. They are fed regularly, and spontaneous feeding may be harmful for them. Petting them is also not advisable. They need privacy, too. Simply said, just let them chill like you do.

They don’t mind having their pictures taken, though. It seems they love the attention, too, but that doesn’t mean you can touch or disturb them. So cat-like, isn’t it?

More people are up…

…So is Grandpa Stan, the T-Rex.

Did the chicken make it to The Mind Museum?
I don’t know, but I’m smelling something good from a fast food restaurant that’s just over there.

Art Displays & Sculptures

I said before that when I come back here, I’ll explore more art displays so I could share them with you. But these are all I got. Guess I can use that as an excuse to come back here again.

Daniel de la Cruz – Sculpture, 2017
As art is the mirror to life, this is a reflection of the development and growth of Bonifacio Global City and the triump of the Filipino collective spirit despite all the trials and tribulations that surround us. It is as well, an homage to our fellow Filipino construciton workers, risking life and limb to give skin and bones to our imaginings. Unsung heroes deserve our full respect.
Yeah, too lazy to cross the road and take a better shot so that the tree isn’t blocking the wall art.

A few more shots of admiration for the green city.

A Dreamy Thought

Wouldn’t it be cool of we could just keep earning money without having to work, and just be on vacation forever?” She asked.
“I know, right?” I answered with a chuckle.

Yeah, it would be totally awesome if we could just be on a vacation and keep traveling forever and not worry about money. It sounds funny, but you dream about it, too, so don’t laugh.

But a vacation won’t be a vacation if there’s nothing to vacate from, would it? You gotta work hard, earn money, and earn that much desired break. Not just a rest day, but an actual get-away-from-all-this-crap-for-a-day-or-two break. Go out of town, visit a beautiful city, or go up the mountains, or go to the beach, anywhere you can relax.

The reality is always gonna be there and you have no choice but to deal with it. Give Mondays a good beating, and have a nice drink on Fridays. I think it would be boring, too, if it’s just all fun and no work. The harder you work for it, the sweeter and more rewarding the vacation would become.

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