This Supermarket Will Make You Want To Choose Fruits Over Junk Food

Say, you’re at the mall and you’re looking for a quick snack, then a staff offers you two choices. A Tortillos on his left hand, and a fresh ripe mango- not yet peeled or sliced- on the right, which one would you go for? The junk food which you just have to rip open and start munching on, or the healthy choice that you’d still have to prepare and potentially mess your hands in the process?

Obviously, the Tortillos would be an easy choice for many, even for me since it’s one of my favorite junk foods. Aside from being delicious- despite being unhealthy- you can quickly eat it upon purchase. Who would wanna peel a mango, or slice a watermelon in the middle of the grocery store and eat it, anyway?

But let’s say the fresh mango had already been peeled, or the watermelon sliced, and made ready to eat in a plastic cup with a small plastic fork included- only that the price may be a bit higher and with lower quantity than your favorite chips or any other junk food- would you choose differently?

If not, then you might wanna consider your food choices (Just an advise. Your call). But I think you might really consider the healthier option this time. That’s what I noticed inside this grocery store at Vista Mall. Yes, the same mall that opened a couple months ago where I also bought the Sushi Roll and tried the Spicy Beef Tapa. (Somehow I feel like I’ve become a patron here now.)

Of all the grocery stores I’ve been to, only the one at Vista Mall offers ready-to-eat fruits. As a result, you could see many people being more interested in eating fruits than the other common snack choices. Having the small food court- Gastroville– there also makes it more enticing to sit down and eat.

There are different fruits displayed everyday, mostly watermelon, melon, papaya, mangoes, etc. Some are placed on the fruits and vegetables section of the grocery store, and a few are also strategically displayed just in front the cashier at the small food court section to attract you and make you buy on impulse. Just like the Kinder Surprise eggs that prey on kids and chocolates on vulnerable adults.

Since discovering this, it’s been a habit of mine and my girlfriend’s to stop by and eat fruits here whenever we’d take our son to school. I could buy the unprepared fruits here and bring them home to prepare and eat, but it’s nice to be able to eat them right after purchase- especially for lazy people like me. If you happen to just see them displayed at the cashier and decide to buy one, it’s the kind of impulsive buying you would have loved and never regret.

There was just one time when the mango I bought was already a bit dry or almost overripe. Well, I guess you really can’t avoid those days. It’s easy to check them, anyway, through the transparent plastic cup. It would be amazing if more people would support this and keep buying. Otherwise, the fruits might just rot and the mall might stop producing ready-to-eat fruits. Hopefully not.

It turns out that people would actually go for healthy snack choices if given the chance. It’s just that they’re usually harder to consume considering the preparation needed to eat them (also for the more obvious reason, they expire a lot quicker) compared to those where all you need to do is tear one corner of the packaging and then you can munch away, and also be able store them for weeks.

If you find something similar at your nearest grocery store, don’t hesitate to buy one. It would be a great way to start your healthy eating habits. It can also help the store promote healthy living if people could eat fresh fruits as easily as their favorite junk food.

EDIT: I just remembered there are actually two other malls I know that sell ready-to-eat fruits. One of them, the fruits are usually either overripe or bland, and sometimes have flies chilling on top of them. It is self-service style, which means the containers are frequently opened and closed by customers, hence the flies getting in and dying in paradise. This mall’s plastic cup packaging keeps the fruits completely sealed, and in small quantities just enough for a snack which, in my opinion, is a better way to sell ready-to-eat fresh fruits.

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