More From Above Sea Level: Sizzling Squid Sisig and Firecracker Shrimp

After eating for the first time at Above Sea Level, we’ve quickly agreed to come back here again because their food is great. And so we did. This time, we tried two seafood dishes- The sizzling Squid Sisig and Firecracker Shrimp which I mentioned on my first post about this restaurant.

Krizpy Sizzling Pusit P180

Sisig is a Filipino dish originally made of parts of pig head and chicken liver, chopped into small chunks and seasoned with lime, onions, green chili pepper, and more- a perfect pulutan, or appetizer when having a drink- another YOLO food combination for those who don’t give a damn about their health.

More about Sisig on Wikipedia

Above Sea Level‘s Sisig dish (image above) has squid as the main ingredient with similar seasonings, plus egg and mayonnaise- also common Sisig add-ons. It’s also kinda bad for the heart but maybe not so if taken just occasionally. Why am I even giving you a lesson about that? Go ahead and die happy if you love squid or sisig, or both!

Verdict? I loved it. It’s crunchy and juicy (or maybe greasy). You’re gonna love chewing the squid, onions, and green chili altogether. Yeah, you gotta eat the chili, too. It’s not really that spicy. Maybe depending on your tolerance with spicy food, or the sour taste balances it. Whatever it is, this dish is a must-try. I mean, what sisig dish isn’t?

Firecracker ShrimpP180

Like I mentioned in my first post, I expected Firecracker Shrimp to be spicy that would blow your mouth up. Well, it was kinda far from what I’d expected. It did have chili in it, wrapped together with the shrimp using Lumpia wrapper, but it’s not that spicy- almost not spicy at all, actually- though it’s quite delicious, too. I’m sure the Lumpiaholic pinoys would love this as well. Their signature tartar sauce is a perfect match to the Firecracker Shrimp, or you can also dip it in their vinegar with onions and black pepper.

We also ordered a Butterfly Squid like the last time. Maybe we just felt like displaying it because it’s like the restaurant’s main attraction that had me go “What in the hell is that?!” but we didn’t eat it there and just brought it home instead (in a paper bag, of course). Oh, and also, the food arrived much faster this time, maybe only took ten minutes. So overall, our second visit was much better and we were very satisfied with our lunch.

We didn’t have the time and appetite (and money) to try their big platter meals. If you’re curious, just click on Above Sea Level to visit their Facebook page.

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