Holy Cow Sizzlers: Another Spot for Unlimited Steak Meals

Guess I’ll start by stating the obvious- Fast food restaurants are more popular than fine dining or high-end restaurants. The reason? Price, of course. If you wanna be able to savor top-quality food, there’s no other choice but to pull out some extra cash from your life savings and visit any high-end restaurants.

Recently, we visited Holy Cow Sizzlers, one of the less-popular restaurants in Trinoma, Quezon City. I assumed “less-popular” because everytime we’d pass by it, there’s always only few customers. We could always go back to Steak and Wine for unlimited steak, but if you have that sudden craving, you gotta set aside your favorite place and go to the nearest ones.

Kinda expensive. Okay, yes, it IS expensive.

I’m one of those people who look at the digits instead of the dish names when looking at a restaurant menu. With my current financial status, any meal with a price that is three digits and starts at 3 and above is already sky high unless they have unlimited meals like Steak and Wine, then we can negotiate.

Well, guess what? Holy Cow Sizzlers also offers unlimited steak! The price is just a bit higher but, at least, there’s another option if I wanna overload on steak. We didn’t go for that, though. Just single meals for now.

Anyway, the place looked fancy, and obviously upscale, with a wild west style like it says in that sign you can see in the photo. We were greeted by the waiter who was holding the big menu- or signboard or whatever- by the entrance to welcome customers. Needless to say, we were easily seated since there were many vacant tables.

No arguments on the food. They’re delicious.

Chicken Fingers (Fillet)
I forgot the exact price. Probably around 250-300 pesos (Can’t find it on their FB page)

The Chicken Fingers were enough for the three of us including our kid who seemed to love it, which was good because we mainly ordered that for him. The skin was crispy and the meat was soft, just enough for a kid to chew. I also loved the dip. Just add rice and you’ll already have yourself a meal.

Slow cooked Beef Brisket
395 pesos

The Beef Brisket looked different from the menu, but nothing like the expectation-vs-reality thing that is common in fast food restaurants. As much as I love food, I don’t know much about what’s included in what I eat. I don’t know what sauce that is that coated the meat but it’s delicious, anyhow. It has a tender meat, and is big enough to fill your appetite. It better be, considering the price.

Tenderloin Steak
545 pesos

Straight to the point- the tenderloin steak is amazing. But it looked kinda thinner that what I’d seen on their menu. From its texture, it looks like they may have sliced it in the middle to make it thinner, maybe so they could cook it faster. But what do I know? What do you think? There’s gravy included, too, if you like to add flavor. I asked for medium done so you might notice it looks kinda dry. Not a fan of rare, to be honest. The taste? Well, definitely a steak, alright! Happy tummy here.


So, without a doubt, the only thing that would keep you from enjoying a nice steak at Holy Cow Sizzlers is the crazy price. One look at their menu could have you touching your butt, or wherever you’re hiding your wallet, and hold it tight until you get away from there and just go for a cheap burger or fried chicken at the nearest McDonald’s instead. The best things in life are free, but having the best steaks would require some hard work. Go make some money and reward yourself with a steak dinner on weekends!

Holy Cow Sizzlers

Trinoma Mall, Quezon City, Philippines 1105
(See other branches on their FB page)
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