2019 Year-End Party

Kind of too late to share this, I guess, but I’ve got nothing to talk about and everyone’s talking about their holidays so here’s my share.

After a few months of hiatus, our little gang had finally reunited which happened on our Christmas Party just about a week before Christmas. We weren’t complete, though. Some of us had life getting in the way, but that’s fine. We actually had this little “thing” which kept us from hanging out for a while. It’s something that’s either none of your concern or you wouldn’t care about if I share it, but let’s just say that the boys took being naughty a bit too far and caused some misunderstanding among this little circle of friends.

I’d like to say that I’m happy because we finally got all that behind us, but I don’t think that’s 100% solved already on the others’ part. You know what? I’ll skip this story since it’s personal and I can’t really tell you about it at all, anyway.

Overnight Stay at Lamarang Hotel and Resort

Lamarang Hotel and Resort, Cabanatuan

We had our Christmas Party in Cabanatuan City, which I soon learned was one of the hottest cities in the country. Not hard to believe ’cause it wasn’t too cold during the night and it felt like summer in December when I went outside the next morning.

Good thing there’s ice cream. Yay!

Lamarang Hotel and Resort started as a restaurant made of just Nipa Huts. You had to walk on gravel stones and probably uneven floor since they still had no proper flooring back then. A few years of hard work later, they’ve expanded their business by adding a hotel with comfy rooms and resort big swimming pools for kids and adults. All this story of Lamarang’s humble beginnings and success was told to me by our friend who lives here in Cabanatuan City.

I just realized I didn’t take a photo of the swimming pools as I’m writing this. Because the plants, lights, and brick floor looked so attractive, I guess? You can see more at Lamarang Hotel and Resort’s FB page. We didn’t walk around to see more of the place. We were probably tired from our three and a half travel from Malolos, Bulacan that we just wanted to relax in our room afterwards.

Seriously, the bed felt so comfy I could fall asleep right after lying down, but we have a party waiting so I gotta stay awake.

Yeah, I could do this all day.

Dinner at Lamarang Restaurant

We had our dinner at Lamarang Restaurant, where the business originally started.

On my plate: Rice, Beef Brocolli, and Crispy Sisig.
There’s also Shrimp Sinigang and Chop Suey.

While waiting for our food, our friend excitedly told us how great the food here is which only made me even more hungry. Well, we weren’t disappointed because they really are delicious- worth the wait. As usual, I was too hungry to take a second and take a photo of our food, so that’s the best one I got.

The Party Begins

Yo, check my airpods. (not mine)

What? That was it? Well, apparently, we were so busy having fun with the games that none of us remembered to take photos. Yep, nothing to share. Sorry. We took a lot of photos like these two above, including photos of us guys but those are the kinds that are meant to “stay in Lamarang”.

To summarize, we played Charades, Guess the song/artist, and that game which recently became famous on Facebook, where you jump and follow the footprints and handprints on the floor. I can’t explain it so just click here to see what I’m talking about. The losers had to take shots of hard drinks so that was pretty much part of our drinking session, too.

After a few minutes of some “serious and deep” conversations while finishing the rest of the beers, I was the first one to go to sleep- as usual.

The Next Day: Brunch at Edna’s Cakeland

Another place I’ve experienced in Cabanatuan was this lavish-looking cafe that sells pastries, coffee, rice meals, and more. It’s no doubt one of- if not the only- best places to buy pasalubong in the city. By how it looks from outside, it looks like a private property that was converted to a restaurant by its owner- a great advantage since they won’t need to pay for any rent, and the place is pretty popular.

Got an event coming up? You can have them make customized cakes for you. Or if you came here hungry and looking for some rice meals, you aren’t so lost, either. This place just has everything!

Bagwang: Fried Bacon strips with egg, tomatoes, and rice.
Yes, this food was awesome.

Like I said, this place is a great place to buy food gifts, and we got our gifts from our Cabanatuan friends, too. Thanks, guys!

Here’s Edna’s Cakeland’s Facebook Page ’cause I know you wanna find out more about them.


I’m rushing on finishing this blog before the year ends because posting this in 2020 feels too late already (as if five minutes before 12 midnight makes a huge difference). Well, I hope you all had fun Christmas parties and holidays, too. I wish you all the best for the Year 2020. Let’s try to hit maybe at least one new year’s resolution this time, shall we?

From my little but fun circle of friends, Happy New Year!

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