KinderCity: A Bigger Paradise for Kids Opens in Malolos

Just give the City of Malolos a few more years, and we’d probably have even less reasons to travel to Manila for leisure activities. What a huge favor for lazy people like me. šŸ˜

Vista Mall has become my favorite tambayan since it’s the closest mall to where my kid goes to school. Thanks to their supermarket’s fruit section, I’ve built a habit of eating fruits (mostly just mangoes and watermelons). Since the first time I’ve been here, there’s been a lot of improvements already. Still not 100% complete, but some of its stores and restaurants have started to operate.

That also includes KinderCity, an indoor playground that just opened last December. To be quite frank, Kidzoona in Robinsons Mall, where we used to take our kid for his playtime, doesn’t even compare to this huge playground.

KinderCity opened its branch in Malolos in early December of 2019, and I could say it has quickly become popular. There’s just a lot of things to see inside this kids’ paradise that even adults would be tempted to play along. Outside the playground, there are tables where you can wait while your kid is being watched by a guardian instead of the parent (you) because being on your phone is more important. There’s also a little section where you could buy snacks. More reason to stay outside than to play with your kids, right?

A Lot Bigger, A Lot More Fun

Kids will definitely have fun running around seeing all the bright colors and exploring different activities in KinderCity. It has a bigger space for them to ride the kiddie bikes or karts or.. I don’t know, what’s this called?

A Trampoline Basketball Court? Yes please!

You thought I was kidding when I said even adults would be tempted to play? What do you say now? Can we sign a petition to have a separate hour where only adults can play here? šŸ˜

And the kids can use this normal court instead.

Pretend Play House, Grocery, Submarine, and more.

Pay more attention to your kids when they’re on the second floor.
“Hello, base. Fire’s out. Who’s up for some ice cream?”

Who knows? Your kid might be born to rock.

You better learn that thing, or else… I will.

Of course, slides!

Lots of slides in here, too. But there’s one slide here that may be too steep for your kid. I kinda had a #parentingfail moment when I let my boy slide there and he hit his face in the process. He’s okay, though, I promise. I’m not talking about the slide in the above image. That one’s fine, and more fun.

One more thing I’d like to share. This may not be as important to you, but KinderCity has a breastfeeding room and a bathroom inside so you don’t need to go out in case the need arises. And the bathroom toilet has a working bidet, too! I mean, not that it’s important, but in case the need arises, right!?

Done playing? Just head out to the exit…

…which only leads to their own toy store. Well played, KinderCity. Well played.

Have you brought your kids here? How was the experience?


KinderCity Vista Mall Malolos Rates
1 hour – 250 pesos
3 hours – 400 pesos
Additional companion – 150 pesos

Visit KinderCity’s Facebook Page for more info.

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