The Lime-Stained Wall

Originally posted on Ramble Nut:
Busy, busy, hate to studyDroopy-droop, I’m too lazy Reading, reading, mind is bleedingA white wall staring, silence screaming Learning, learning, eyes adoringCan’t see the roadA sunny morning, I’m yearning Read a travel, seen a poemToo many tickets, this bus that roams Rhyme! Rhyme! Screams the limeWhy a lime? We’re out of time! A one-way ticket to a distant starThe bus still roams! How far we are? Right, right! They yell, “Just write!”This poem holds meaning, to hell it might! Tossed a stone, I asked, “How far?”The lime, it yells…“To hell with that! Yarr!” Where to?… Continue reading The Lime-Stained Wall

A Funereal Mood At the Supermarket

What’s the exciting thing about buying groceries and other stuff at the supermarket? Well, you’d be restocking your fridge with food- real food and junk food alike- for the next week or two. Maybe buy new batteries for your Bluetooth headset, keyboard, mouse, and other electronics, some new magazines, toys, milk, and diapers- anything. You buy two to three weeks worth of provision, whatever is enough to keep yourself and your family supplied before the next payday. So, I guess that’s exciting, isn’t it? Is it? Last Sunday, I went to the supermarket to do just that. I took a … Continue reading A Funereal Mood At the Supermarket

When The Eyes Wander, The Mind Follows

What a damn weekend. After getting paid by her client, my girlfriend asked to go to the mall. I agreed on impulse, even though I planned to just relax for the day since I’m going to my best friend’s birthday tonight, which he said is gonna be a night to get “wasted”. We got back home at around 7 PM. I thought I’d write a few while taking a rest before going to my best friend’s party. Priorities first. It was a great day, actually. Had a burger at my current favorite burger place so I’m happy, then we played … Continue reading When The Eyes Wander, The Mind Follows