Pizza Hut’s Spicy Pasta Arrabiata

The Pasta Arrabiata consists of penne pasta, black olive, chili, and sprinkled with parsley. The menu says it has a Level 2 spice level. I thought that was moderate spicy for me since I love spicy food and I’m used to the flavor. But it was spicy as hell! Got me begging for water. Continue reading Pizza Hut’s Spicy Pasta Arrabiata

The Lime-Stained Wall

Originally posted on Ramble Nut:
Busy, busy, hate to studyDroopy-droop, I’m too lazy Reading, reading, mind is bleedingA white wall staring, silence screaming Learning, learning, eyes adoringCan’t see the roadA sunny morning, I’m yearning Read a travel, seen a poemToo many tickets, this bus that roams Rhyme! Rhyme! Screams the limeWhy a lime? We’re out of time! A one-way ticket to a distant starThe bus still roams! How far we are? Right, right! They yell, “Just write!”This poem holds meaning, to hell it might! Tossed a stone, I asked, “How far?”The lime, it yells…“To hell with that! Yarr!” Where to?… Continue reading The Lime-Stained Wall

Got Them Twosday Supermarket Blues!

Originally posted on The Mysterious Blogger:
Thanks to The Hobby Blogger ……… ———— Got them Twosday supermarket blues ‘cause I always buy … to… two… too… much more than I can ever really use! Got them ‘rainy-day-come-to-Jesus‘ supermarket blues ’cause it’s them ‘Really or is that O’Reilly’ I’d like, man, not to choose! Got them depressing, destressing, undressing, “please stop messin’ with me’” supermarket blues. Yes! If I’d could just muchly-on-a-crutchly; like ‘God-Almighty-Holier-Than-Thou’ choose to lose …… And Finally, I got them down-and-out, over-the-counter, sailor-take-warnin‘, Damn-Its-Twosday-the-Day-Before-Whensday; “Killin’ Me Softly Where Are My Shoes?” supermarket blues! Oh! If I could only… Continue reading Got Them Twosday Supermarket Blues!

A Funereal Mood At the Supermarket

What’s the exciting thing about buying groceries and other stuff at the supermarket? Well, you’d be restocking your fridge with food- real food and junk food alike- for the next week or two. Maybe buy new batteries for your Bluetooth headset, keyboard, mouse, and other electronics, some new magazines, toys, milk, and diapers- anything. You buy two to three weeks worth of provision, whatever is enough to keep yourself and your family supplied before the next payday. So, I guess that’s exciting, isn’t it? Is it? Last Sunday, I went to the supermarket to do just that. I took a … Continue reading A Funereal Mood At the Supermarket